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Antenatal Care

We render a comprehensive package of care to the expecting mom which results in a healthy mother and child. We do all the screening which also includes ultrasound scans that are done at appropriate gestational age, but also, in emergencies. We also have pregnancy appropriate exercise classes weekly which are complimented by in face or online program which is run and managed by our partner, Flourish. Our facility is open 24 hours to cater for scheduled visits and also for emergencies.

Natal / Delivery Services

We have created and maintained a conducive environment for birthing purposes that provides a comfortable experience to the mom and to her partner who is always encouraged to participate in the birthing process. We give priority and encourage normal delivery and have ambulance services for active referral to specialist care in hospital where indicated. Our facility has backup generators for emergency power in case of load-reduction or load-shedding.

Postnatal Care

Our standard of care package includes scheduled postnatal visits up to 6 weeks after birth. These visits are for routine follow up services and also to assists especially the new mom with the challenges she may encounter with the little one. Our partner, Flourish, also has special programs to assist both mom and baby. An active referral system is in place when we pick up conditions from mom and baby that may need specialist care in hospital.

Family Planning & EPI

Family planning has been shown to offer smaller a better chance in life both economically and wellness. We offer numeous methods of contraception based on the current and future needs of the woman and for the couple. We participate in the Expanded Programme for Immunisation (EPI) offering services for children up to the age of 12 years. We also monitor milestones, growth development and the well being of a child.

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